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The ancient order of the Knights Templar possessed untold wealth and absolute power over kings and popes ...until the Inquisition, when the Knights were wiped from the face of the earth, their riches left hidden -- forever? Cotton Malone is enjoying his quiet new life as an antiquarian book dealer in Copenhagen, when he is unexpectedly plunged back into the cloak-and-dagger world he thought he'd left behind at the U.S. Justice Department. Cotton's former supervisor, Stephanie Nelle, is in Europe on a personal mission: armed with vital clues to a series of centuries-old puzzles, she means to crack a mystery that has tantalized scholars and fortune-hunters through the ages -- by finding the legendary cache of wealth and forbidden knowledge thought to be lost forever when the order of the Knights Templar was exterminated in the 14th Century. But she's not alone. Someone else is competing for the historic prize -- and they are prepared to kill to win. Cotton is soon involved in the perilous race. But the more he learns about the ancient conspiracy surrounding the Templars, the more he realizes that not only lives are at stake. At the end of a lethal game rife with intrigue, treachery and lust for power, lies a shattering discovery that could rock the civilized world -- and, in the wrong hands, bring it to its knees.

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Steve Berry
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Templar, member of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, a religious military order of knighthood established at the time of the Crusades that became a model and inspiration for other military orders. Blamed for Crusader failures in the Holy Land, the order was destroyed by France's King Philip IV.

The Templar Legacy (Cotton Malone, #1) by Steve Berry

Templar Legacy. The Order of the Temple is a Christian ecumenical organization founded in 1804 by the physician Fabré-Palaprat with the support of Napoleon, and officially recognized in 1853 by Napoleon III. The Order operates on the basis of the traditions of the medieval Knights Templar.