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Geography and History - ESO 1 is aimed at children aged 11-14 who are studying English as a foreign language. The book explains history and geography topics in simple, correct English, using lots of visual aids to help students overcome their language limitations. It is basedon the principles of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): acquiring English skills in a natural way while also learning about another subject.Traditional language lessons tend to give students a grasp of the grammar, without necessarily enabling them to communicate effectively. CLIL aims to overcome this problem by encouraging students to actively use foreign languages outside of their language lessons. The emphasis is on communication and on acquiring language skills in the same enjoyable and natural way as you do when living in a foreign country.The exercises in the book test students’ understanding of the geography and history topics, but at the same time reinforce key language skills. The book is accompanied by an audio CD with ten fun stories narrated by a professional storyteller. The stories revise the subject and language content of the book, so students will learn how to correctly pronounce all of the key vocabulary, while also practising their listening skills.The book is primarily designed for Spanish secondary school children studying geography and history in English at bilingual schools, and follows the curriculum for the first year of ESO, but it provides a great way for students from all countries to improve their English skills while learning about history and geography.The topics covered in the book include landscapes, coastlines, rivers, weather & climate, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome.

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Geography and History Blog 1º ESO Welcome to Geography and History 1º ESO web page. Bilingual School Compañía de María, Almería. Curso 2019/2020. Etiquetas. 7. Humans and the Environment (1) 8 de Marzo Día Internacional de la Mujer (1) África Físico (2) África político (2)